Will it not proliferate when you use the Kelly scar?

A: If you use Kelly scars immediately after your wounds heal, and you can use the Kelly scars for at least 20 hours a day, the scars will not obviously accent or sag, but often the active parts, joints, larger areas or Serious scars please cooperate with the posture of the medical elastic sleeve, otherwise it is difficult to use for a long time! At least one or two courses of treatment must be adhered to until the scar is mature and stable. The hyperglycemia period of the scar is between 1 and 6 months after healing. Causes the scar to proliferate again.

Pregnant women, can children use?

A: Han Shisheng Ke Kelini ultra-thin scar paste pure physical principle, without any medicinal properties, simulate some functions of the skin, create the best humidity and oxygen environment suitable for skin self-repair, safe and effective, even for pregnant women and babies can be safely used, It is important to note that the baby should not be swallowed.

What is the repair principle of Scar Clinic?

Pure physical principle, no stimulation, no medicinal properties, even pregnant women, babies can be safely used.

1) Scar ClinicTM-Thin ultra-thin scars make the entire scar completely covered. The water vapor permeability of the semi-infiltrated skin is less than half of that of normal skin, which limits the evaporation of water and simulates some functions of the normal skin stratum corneum. Create and adjust an optimal humidity and oxygen environment suitable for skin self-repair, prevent bacterial invasion and infection, shield UV rays, effectively inhibit and alleviate pigmentation, and make a layer of barrier to damaged skin;

2) Kelly's self-adhesive sticks very tightly to the scar, which can exert a certain pressure on the skin. The continuous pressure can effectively reduce the skin tension and control the hyperplasia or depression of the scar;

3) Scar Clinic Kelly scars keep the stratum corneum water-storing. After the water is absorbed by the skin, it inhibits the regeneration of hair cells and reduces the deposition of collagen fibers. Reduce the pain and itching caused by dry skin on the scar. At the same time, the increase of water content in the stratum corneum of the skin can increase the permeability of water-soluble proteins and products in the interstitial, rapidly diffuse, and promote the orderly arrangement of collagen, so that the uneven scars gradually soften, level, and the pigment gradually becomes shallower and lighter. It relieves itching pain and immediately treats scars with Scar Clinic's ultra-thin scar repair patch up to 95% after wound healing.

Is the quality of the Scar Clinic in South Korea safe and secure?

A: 1. Han Shisheng Branch Scar Clinic has been awarded the US FDA, South Korea KFDA, China CFDA, European and American CE quality and safety certification, through the excellent international ISO13485 quality management system to strictly control products, safe and effective. The first patented artificial skin technology is applied to scar-applied products, using permanent implant-grade medical silica gel, purely physical principle, without any medicinal properties, no stimulation, ultra-thin skin tone, waterproof, anti-UV ultraviolet light.

2Korea Hanshishengke (Co., Ltd.) is a Korean company specializing in cosmetic prostheses and medical biological products. It is the only KOSDAQ stock listed company in Korea's cosmetic surgery industry. The company entered the field of medical biological products in the early 1990s and began to develop and produce allogeneic products. Products (artificial skin dressings, artificial bones and silicone prosthesis products) Due to the excessive frontiers in the research field, there was no corresponding management law in Korea at that time. Therefore, according to the research and development standards of Hanshishengke, special laws and regulations were established to regulate the industry, Korea. Commonly known as "Han Shifa" has since established its industry status.