Instructions for use

1, please choose a size greater than 1-2cm above the scar;

2. Before using Kelly, please wash your hands and scars with soap or shower gel and dry completely.

3, please open the packaging bag, take out the scar stickers, tear off a layer of transparent insulation paper on the veneer, and stick the sticky side with the scar to empty the air;

4, please try to paste it once, do not repeatedly remove the paste, it will affect the viscosity and effect, from the end of the first paste, empty the internal air, air bubbles will affect the viscosity, once removed, it should be cleaned in time;

5, please try to choose the integrated specification, if you need to cut, please use sharp scissors to cut before the anti-adhesive film is not removed, to avoid the edge damage and burrs of the scar;

6. Please cut the edge of the scar as smooth as possible to reduce the edge curling edge;

7. According to the shape and size of the scar, the area of the scar should be 1-2cm beyond the edge of the scar. If the width of the scar is 0.5*5cm, it should be cut into 1.5*6cm or more. The scar hyperplasia should be cut into a wide width. 2.5*7 cm, the cutting is too small will affect the stickiness and effect of the scar, the special parts can be cut according to the actual, and the edges should not be cut too small;

8. If the scar area is large, several sheets can be pasted and stitched at the same time, but the edges must be aligned;

9, if the skin adapts to the scar, it can be used continuously - all day. If the skin can not adapt to the scar, it can be used gradually. After using for 2-4 hours, check the skin condition, stop using it for 1-2 hours, then slowly increase it to 24 hours a day for continuous use, so that the skin has an adaptation process;

10, in order to achieve the desired effect, please use more than 12 hours a day, use as much as possible 24 hours, try not to remove it, except for bathing, the time of each stop should not exceed 30 minutes;

11. Ultra-thin version uses 15-30 days for each piece, and the powerful version uses 30-60 days for each piece. With the stand-up medical elastic sleeve, it can prolong the service life, so that the scar and the scar are closely attached and it is not easy to slip down to obtain the desired effect. ;

12, each course of treatment for 3 months, please continue to use more than 2 courses until the scar is stable to achieve satisfactory results, scar body, more serious scars need to continue to use for 1 year or even longer, the scar can not be stabilized before the suspension may lead to scars again Form or rebound.

Product cleaning

1. Clean the kelin scar and scars when cleaning once a day or when the viscosity is weakened. It can be extended without any discomfort in autumn and winter.

2. Once the scar is removed, it needs to be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the stickiness or cause bacteria to invade;

3, use soap or oil-free washing solution to clean (need to clean grease, metabolites, pollutants), dry in the shade or blow dry air (cold wind) before use;

4. If there are more metabolites and oils, it will become more difficult to clean in winter. Please use no more than 45 degrees of warm water for a few minutes to clean. If the viscosity is still poor after cleaning, please replace it with new ones;

5, it is recommended to replace and wash 2 pieces of cloth, which can enhance the effect and prolong the service life of Kelly;