1,Authoritative certification: US FDA, EU CE, Korea KFDA, China CFDA authoritative clinical testing certification, safe and effective;

2, economical: can be tailored according to the scar area and repeated cleaning and use, each piece can be used continuously for about 15 days, with the position of the United States medical elastic sleeve can be extended to 30 days;

3, anti-UV waterproof: Polyurethane skin surface layer can effectively isolate UV rays, prevent UV rays from the source to cause skin cancer and pigmentation, beautify the exposed scars, shield bacteria, waterproof;

4, ultra-thin: thickness 0.45mm, will not significantly affect the appearance, only a quarter of the other brand of scars on the market is thick, not easy to curl, good adhesion, strong fixation;

5, artificial skin patent: skin-like color, texture and elasticity, improve the beauty and adhesion, soft and natural, skin-friendly and comfortable, even the joint parts are equally stretchable, not easy to slip, does not significantly affect the appearance;

6, pure physical principle: does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients, implant-grade permanent medical silicone gel (US Applied Silicone Company patent), to create an optimal moisture and oxygen content suitable for skin self-repair, to simulate part of the functional self of normal skin Repair softening, dilute scars, safe and effective without irritation, without any side effects, even pregnant women can safely use;

US FDA, EU CE, Korea KFDA, China National Food and Drug Administration CFDA authoritative clinical testing certification

Registration number of China Food and Drug Administration: National Machinery injection into 2017 No. 2641110; National Food and Drug Administration (into) word 2014 No. 2643476

Executive Standard: YZB/ROK 3351-2013 "Scar Repair Sticker"

Han Shisheng Branch Scar Clinic Kelly ultra-thin scar stickers with a unique price/performance ratio

With the stand-up medical medical elastic sleeve, tape, elastic bandage, the longest can be used continuously for 30 days.

[product name] Scar Clinic Kelly ultra-thin scar stickers

[Product Registration] National Food and Drug Administration (into) word 2013 No. 2643191

[Executive Standard] YZB/ROK 3351-2013 "Scar Repair Sticker"

[Manufacturer] South Korea Han Shisheng Branch (company) hansbiomed.corp (official website: www.hansbiomed.com)

[Ingredients] High-tech biomedical permanent implant grade silicone gel sheet, polyurethane coated protective sheet, PET film release paper.

[product thickness] 0.45mm,

[Product Specifications] Round diameter 3cm, 3*7cm, 7*7cm, 3*11cm, 3*14cm, 3*18cm, 10*18cm.

[Package Version] This product is divided into Korean and English. The Korean version is for online sales and the English version is for hospital sales.

[Shelf life] 3 years

Among them, 3*11 cm, 3*14 cm, 3*18 cm, and 10*18 cm are special specifications for caesarean section, but the same applies to other scars.

Reminder: Scar Clinic's ultra-thin scars are available in both Korean and English versions. The Korean version is for online sales and the English version is for hospital sales.

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